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    Nokia Care Suite (флэшер для Nokia)

    Подобие Phoenix прошивальщик Nokia GSM CDMA

    1. Introduction
    New version 4.0 (2010.27.1) of Nokia Care Suite is available.  This multi-protocol service software supports Nokia CDMA products and limited functions of GSM and WCDMA products.
    Updating to this version is mandatory when servicing these devices:  RM-567, RM-636, RM-677, RM-678, RH-121, RH-125, RH-126, RM-647, RM-653,  RM-689 
    2. New feaures from previous version 3.1 (2010.20.3)
    Multi IMEI Reader makes it possible to read and print IMEI numbers from  phone via USB cable, when phone is in power off state. Please note that  you need to have at least one default printer configured on your PC when  using Multi IMEI Reader.
    Support for simultaneous use of Product Support Tool and Testing &  Tuning Tool. Testing & Tuning release will be made in the near  future, it includes support for RF Autotuning, EM Calibrations, and  other testing / troubleshooting related functions.
    'Reset all' button in dialog preferences tab for restoring all confirmation dialogs added
    Re-fresh connection button in the Care Suite UI to init CU-4 added
    Changes to Offline/online state change. Now status can be changed in status bar instead of Preferences.
    Support for new products added: RM-627, RM-689, RM-632, RM-678, RM-677, RM-685, RM-687,
    3. Changes & Error corrections from previous version
    Corrections to Type Label Printing
    Corrections to Product Code Change
    Phone-book & MDN options from Multi SW Updater removed
    Device detection improvements
    Improvements to Phone Recovery ( dead phone flashing)
    4. Instructions for installation & use
    User guide document and elearning material for Care Suite are downloadable.
    Care Suite  can be installed and used simultaneously on same PC with Phoenix  Service Software version 2010.12.8.42304 or newer, which uses FUSE  connection manager.
    Care Suite  installation and use does not require that a dongle (PK-1, PKD-1 or  FLS-5) is connected to PC. FLS-5 is only used for FBUS communication to  phones which do not support direct USB connection
    5. Known errors & limitations
    • This release has not been tested on Windows Vista because the focus is  now on Windows 7. So we can't guarantee that it works on Vista.
    • RM-567 is supported but drivers have to be installed separately and  multi tools are not working reliably with RM-567. Compal drivers and one  of the Foxconn driver package are also removed from the installation  because they are not Windows 7 compatible.
    • There is a problem with a Crash file server URL stored in Admin  Preferences xml file - related to REQ 414-6325: Automatic extraction and  upload of S40 X-Files and S60 SOS files to Nokia repository using Care Suite  (Babel support) delivered in 3.0.1 release. When installed 3.0.2  version on top of existing 3.0.1 version, please go to the C:\Documents  and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\ProductSupportToolForStore and remove the AdminPreferences .xml file and run Nokia Care Suite  again. New correct preferences file will be created when application  will be closed. It is mandatory to have phone's crash files reports send  correctly.
    • Supported features depend on product generation and data package  configuration. Only refurbishment / software update functions are  guaranteed to work for older DCT-4 products. Other features may appear,  but they are likely not to work. Some products, such as the RH-111 and  RH-125 Care Suite is the only service software. Please check product specific documentation for details.
    • Interoperability with Win Vista is not fully guaranteed. It is advised to use this release with Win XP or Win 7
    • Products using Data Package 1.0 concept are not supported
    • Product detection may be slow, please wait patiently. Always follow  the UI of connected phone for instructions also, as some models for  example need the user to set the phone to PC Suite mode before communication can continue.
    • When using multi software update you may experience instability
    - Update speed is reasonable if you do not exceed 4 phones
    - It is recommended to use phones of the same type
    - Product detection works better if you allow Care Suite to detect the first phone before you connect additional phones
    • Note that Type label printing feature is not yet 100% ready and labels  may not be correct. Currently type label printing supports only  products that have Data package version 2 and XML configuration for type  label.
    • PST and NSL processes are not always closed. When you close Nokia Care Suite  / PST, you may need to close down some processes manually before you  are able to restart.  Close all applications and Check from Task Manager  that following processes have been closed:
    - fuse.exe
    - FuseService.exe
    - nsl_host_process.exe
    - ProductSupportForStore.exe
    • Refurbish and multi refurbish are disabled from these products:
    - Nokia N81 8GB (RM-179)
    - Nokia N86 8MP (RM-484)
    - Nokia N91
    - Nokia N91 8GB
    - Nokia N95 8GB (RM-320, mass memory delivery through NOL)
    - Nokia N96 (RM-247)
    - Nokia N97 (RM-505)
    - Nokia N97 Mini (RM-555)
    - Nokia N900 (RX-5)
    - Nokia X6 (RM-559)
    • Care Suite 3.1 is not working with CU-4 service adapter. If you have ever had CU-4 service adapter in Fuse then Care Suite is misusing the CU-4 connection and that causes PST freeze.
    • Automated Application Update does not work
    • When using Multi IMEI Reader, you must have at least 1 default printer configured ( may be PDF / print to file)
    • There are some problems with specific preferences visibility and  access to log files location (read/write) on no Admin Windows accounts.  It's recommended to use NCS on Admin account or User account with power  privileges.
    • Product detection problems may occur, if Software package path is set to a folder which uses diacritic signs
    6. Products supported
    This is a list of supported products without Online Internet connection to FiRe. If you use Care Suite in offline mode with local data package installed, please check from the list below. If you use Care Suite in   online mode (connection to Fire), you will receive updates from FiRe and then this list is not exhaustive.
    NOTE: Multitools are not working reliably and it is recommended to use  only similar models simultaneously. These phones do not support  Multitools: RM-389V, RM-455, Nokia 6260s (RM-368), Nokia 6750-1b (RM-381), RM-606, RM-589V, Nokia 6700c (RM-470)
    NOTE: Drivers for Service Module 00004 and Service Module 00006 are not  included in NCS package and should be installed separately. Service  Module 00004 drivers do not support Windows 7.
    Service Module 00001:
    NOTE: When performing refurbish to "Nokia 6110 Navigator (RM-186, RM-122)" user data might not be removed completely. The problem is in phone data package.
    Service Module 00003
    Service Module 00004
    Service Module 00005
    Nokia 1508 (RM-388), Nokia 1508i (RM-430), Nokia 1506 (RH-128)
    Service Module 00006
    Nokia 6788 (RM-567), Nokia 6788i (RM-636), Nokia C5-01(RM-677), Nokia X5-00 (RM-678)
    Service Module 00008
    Nokia 1202 (RH-111), Nokia 1661 (RH-121), RH-125, RH-126, RM-647, RM-653, RM-689
    Service Module 000010
    Nokia 3806 (RM-583)
    7. Reporting errors (manual reporting)
    Care Suite  has been activated to the Genius – tool so error reporting works the  same way as for the Phoenix Service Software. Please include log files,  detailed description on how to reproduce the problem and screenshot to  the case
    When reporting Nokia Care Suite  errors, please attach application log files (if applicable). If error  is reproduce able, please delete old existing log files from specified  locations, start service software, reproduce the error and then attach  the log files to Genius case.
    If the default configuration hasn’t been changed via the preferences dialog, the log files for Nokia Care Suite are located at:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Action Reports
    • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Logs\Refurbish Logs
    The log files for Nokia Service Layer are located at:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Nokia Service Layer\C\Logs
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\Service Layer\C\Service Modules\Service Module_<XXX>\Log
    Please also add flash logs when reporting software update, refurbish or product code change related errors:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\temp
    • adl_flash.log. This file is created when USB connection is used for flashing.
    • ta_hwaprogrammer.log This log is generated with non-direct USB flashing, when flash prommers are used.
    • fps8_ta.log This log is generated with non-direct USB flashing, when  flash prommers are used for products which use older ta_flash_impl.dll.
    • Please note that you may find all or some of the above mentioned log  files from specified location depending on the tools and connection you  use. For example adl_flash.log is not created if you use flash prommer,  and ta_hwaprogrammer.log or fps8_ta.log are not created if you only use  direct USB cable.
    On Windows Vista instead of C:\Documents and Settings\ use C:\Users\ or C:\ProgramData\
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